What to do in Egypt?

There are many popular tourist destinations in the world and it is the site of some of the oldest and iconic examples of human civilization. Egypt also provides unique traditions, cultures, food, people, with many stunning things to do. Some of the top things to do are listed below.

Top things to do

View the city from Cairo Tower

This is a stunning 187m high tower located in the Zamalek district. The tower was built to look like a lotus plant which is the same plant which the ancient Egyptians used for making papyrus. The best thing to do here is to go to the observation deck at the top or try out some cuisines at the two restaurants in the tower where you will see mind-blowing views of Cairo, Nile river, and the Pyramids of Giza. The best time to come here is during the late morning or afternoon as the sky is clear then.

Have fun at Al-Azhar Park

This is stunning oasis found in the center of the city of Cairo. You are going to get a mesmerizing 360-degree view of the city of Cairo from the green hills in this park. You can also go sightseeing at the remains of the 12th-century wall which is covered in hieroglyphics at this park. The park is also close to many iconic sites in Egypt like mosques of Darb Al Ahmar, the city of the dead, old Fatimid city, and many more that you can explore.

Ride a Camel

Although many people come to Egypt mainly to see the Pyramids and learn about history, another exciting thing to do while in Egypt is to ride a camel around the city.

Stroll around Khan el-Khalili

This is among the traditional bazaars in Cairo and it is a tourist hotspot for both the locals and tourists. This is also the best place to buy souvenirs for your loved ones. Another thing to do here is to just explore the narrow alleys and just watch the Egyptian vendors as they go about their days.

Visit the Egyptian Museum

This museum can be found in Cairo; it is also the best place to go if you want to see the world’s largest collection of Pharaonic artifacts. The museum houses more than 100 halls that are filled with exhibits and collections which dates back to prehistoric eras. The highlight of this museum is that you will get to see some of the legendary Tutankhamum’s treasures, royal mummies, statues, etc. and the information is offered in English and Arabic.

Go sightseeing at the Great Sphinx of Giza

This is among the most iconic locations in the entire world and you would have seen it from history classes, films, and glossy pages of travel magazines. The limestone structure forms a legendary creature which is a part lion, part human. Although no one knows who built the Sphinx or the reason why but it is right next to the Giza Pyramid Complex and you should make time to come here.

Try out Sandboarding

If you are the adventurous type, this is one of the perfect things just for you. Egypt is filled with different sand dunes across its widespread deserts. You should also try to visit the Great Sand Sea which is near Siwa Oasis and it is known to be the best dune surfing in the world.

Go sightseeing at Ras Mohammad National Park

This park is among the best destinations in the world for divers with its turquoise blue waters that are full of dolphins, fish, sharks and coral reefs that you can explore. The park covers 200 square miles of land with sea on the coast of the Red Sea. The park was named after the iconic cliffs at the park which looks like a man’s profile from a certain angle. Some of the best things to do in this park are diving, hiking, snorkeling and you will surely find something that you can do in this park.



  1. Visit Temple of Karnak (Luxor)
  2. Visit Abu Simbel Temple Complex (Abu Simbel)
  3. Discover Valley of the Kings (Luxor)
  4. See Pyramids of Giza (Giza)
  5. Visit Great Pyramid of Cheops
  6. Meet Great Sphinx (Giza)
  7. Visit Cairo Citadel
  8. Explore Blue Hole (Dahab)
  9. Rest at Tiran Island (Sharm El Sheikh)
  10. Explore Old City in Cairo
  11. Check Bibliotheca Alexandrina
  12. Visit Egyptian Museum in Cairo
  13. Chceck view from Cairo Tower
  14. Go to White Desert
  15. Party at resorts of Sharm El Sheik
  16. River Cruise down the Nile
  17. Eat a lot. Food in Egypt is really tasty.

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