Top things to do in Belgium

This is home to many medieval cities that are filled with cathedrals, abbeys, palaces, and also the stunning forested hills with the popular historical sites. The best cities where all these are in offer in abundant is Brugge and Gent. If you are searching for modern cities, then you should head to Brussels and Antwerp where you will get to see stunning art deco architecture and grand squares. You will surely have many things to do in this country.

Top things to do

Taste the wide variety of craft beers

Belgium is widely known for its crafts beers and you will find great ones wherever you go in this country. You will see many beer bars that you can choose from to get a big selection of different beers. You should also note that the beers kind of have a high percentage of alcohol and you should drink responsibly. You can also go on a guided tour of the brewery which offers wine tasting session.

Visit the Royal Palace of Brussels

This is the official palace of king and queen of Belgium and can be found in the center of Brussels. The royal family does not use the palace as their main residence as they have another palace just outside the city. You will be amazed by the formidable presence of the palace on a long square known as Paleizenplein which also separate it from the Brussels park nearby. The highlight of the Palace is that you will get to see royal collections like fine crystal, silverware, furniture and many more.

Go sightseeing at Autoworld

This is a vintage car museum situated in Cinquantenaire Park in the city center of Brussels. You will get to see collections of over 250 vintage cars from Europe and the United States in this park. The cars date back to the late 19th century to 1970s and you will get to see stunning car collections like 1928 Bentley, Minerva, limousines, 1930 cord and so on. The highlight of this attraction is that it hosts a variety of special exhibitions throughout the year which is related to the specific makes and the styles of a vehicle. You can also host private events at this venue.

Visit Gravensteen

This is a castle which dates back to the Middle Ages and it was built in 1180 by a count named Philip of Alsace. He modeled the castle after the castles of crusaders that he encountered during the Second Crusade. The castle was constructed on the site of a former wooden castle and it was used as a prison and then a courthouse before it was left to decay. The castle was then renovated in the 20th century and the best thing to do here is to climb to the top to see a small museum where you see numerous traditional torture devices.

Go sightseeing at Antwerp Zoo

This can be found in the city center of Antwerp and it is situated beside the Antwerpen-Centraal train station. The zoo was opened in 1843 which makes it the oldest of its kind in the country. Most of the historic buildings here date back to the 19th and 20th centuries. You will get to see over 7000 animals which represent almost 950 species here. The highlight of the zoo is Vriesland which homes several species of penguins, Egyptian temple-themed exhibit filled with Baringo giraffes, Asian elephants and so on, there is also the stunning monkey house, cat house, Antwerp zoo aquarium and many more.

Explore Plantin-Moretus Museum

This is a printing museum in Antwerp which focuses mainly on the works of the 16th-century printers Christophe Plantin and Jan Moretus. The museum can be found in their former residence which is a former printing establishment which you can find in Vrijdagmarkt in Antwerp. This is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and you will get to see impressive collections like Biblia Polyglotta, drawings by Peter Paul Rubens, paintings, and Theatrum Orbis Terrarum a geographical book which was made by Rembert Dodoens.

Cathedral of Our Lady

This is a Roman Catholic cathedral in Antwerp. You will be impressed as the cathedral dominates the skyline of the city and it was once the tallest building in the region for many centuries. Although many original interiors of the cathedral have diminished over the years, you will still get to see significant art treasures like three large paintings from the artist Rubens, 34 gorgeous stained glass window, and so on. There is also the bronze tomb of Isabella of Bourbon preserved in the cathedral that you can also visit.

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